My Love is Overflowing

Look at me.. Look at what I have become.. Because of you, I can't hold myself anymore..
I try to hold my feelings..
I try to get a grip on them..
Furthermore! I try to put them all together in my heart, and zip my heart closed so that nothing can be revealed..
But my feelings are huge.. They're blasting!!
My love is overflowing.. I can't hold it anymore.. It's coming out with no control..
It's exposing and unmasking me..
No! I do not want you to notice!! Not right now!!
I feel coy and bashful!
Do not look at me!! Do not stare into my eyes!!
I know you can read my feelings, so STOP where you are...
Do not try to unlock this mystery..
I am forever bedazzled by your radiance and beam...

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