A Person Like That, For Me

I've always thought, if there was at least a 0.1% possibility for me, to have a person just for me.
Is there a person who would give his all just for my pleasure?
A person who would die instead of seeing my tears drop?
A person who would kiss the floor I walk on?
who would cherish every memory we had together?
who would worry about me constantly?
who would notice every detailed feature in my face?
who would think I look pretty even when I have a fever?
A person whom I would invade his thoughts continually?
A person who has a lot of desires but would keep them to himself so that I would be fine?
who would worry if my facial expressions changed suddenly?
who would fear the thought of me erasing him from my mind?
who would need nothing in life but me?
who's happiness comes from my happiness?
Is there really a person like that, for me?