Buckle Up & Fight!

This time I decided to FIGHT! this decision came after some really deep thought... I came to a conclusion that this life is a fierce battle... I have to be a warrior, for this ground is shaky, unstable, and dirty. First, I need to fight myself. What do I really aim in this life? Who's really important to me? Whom do I need to treasure the most? Set up my goals, and put them between my eyes. Then I should fight my society; especially those close-minded members. I need to be aware that all dogs bark, whether in my presence or not; and sweet-talking is putting lipstick on a pig.
After that, I should fight my enemies, because I need to clear out the road in front of me, to head straight to my goal. I can't afford stumbling on filth. I will stand up against all haters, and be proud of all my beliefs, because this place is neither foul nor fair. Everyone has a sword deep inside of their souls. Some are sheathed, and some are drawn out in the face of injustice! My sword was waiting eagerly to be drawn out, and I've made it wait too long... Now is the time to buckle up and fight!

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