I Hate How I Lost You Forever

I think by now you've lost me forever.
I'll never be on your side again.
I'll never look at you the same way I used to.
You will never look at me the same way you used to.
I will always want us to be happy together.
But this will never happen.
You have crossed the line in losing faith in me.
I can't trust you anymore.
I won't trust you again.
I hate how you make up stories in your head.
I hate how you believe these stories.
I hate how you get the nerve to tell me these false stories.
I hate how you accuse me of things I never said.
I hate how you never say what I want you to say.
I hate how I can never be true to you ever again.
You will never understand the problem that lies within you.
I will never be able to explain to you what's wrong with you.
You will never listen to me even if I tried.
So I will not try and just be mad at you.
You will stay mad at me.
We will hate each other.
You will never understand why I don't do what you want me to do.
You will never know what is really important to me and what is not.
You will never acknowledge how much you hurt me.
My tears hate falling because of you.
They will never fall, because you will never even care.
You always have your way of saying what you want.
I never have my way of saying what I want.
You always force yourself on me thinking it's "okay" because you're older.
You will never understand how hateful this is to me.
I'm so used to your methods of deceiving me that it's not working anymore.
You're getting crazy because nothing is shaking me anymore.
I will never abide by your rules.
You will never get what you want anymore.
We will always hate that we hate each other.
Our hearts will always stay broken.
We will never try to fix things again.
We both lost this match.
I hate how I lost you forever.