Bring A Calm Day

Every time my heart feels the greatest you would come and force your sadness upon me. You know by heart that I love you greatly, that I can even 'die' for you; yet, you use these feelings to make me miserable. My heart is aching, and my tears are stuck in my eyes, not wanting to fall, refusing every way of being a victim again, trying so hard to make me stronger. I need you, I need your presence, and I need to hear your voice every once in a while. Would you stop torturing my innocent heart, for you have the absolute utter control over it. Please try to think wisely, and try to understand me. Try to have a warm heart that knows how to bring a calm day upon my turbulent life. I love you. And I won't stop loving you. Let me be clear about it.

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A said...
June 16, 2009 at 10:03 PM

omg I loved it !

MIB said...
December 10, 2009 at 12:08 AM

Sweetheart - if it's abt the same person who has broken your heart, these are the steps he's likely to take:
1. Use
2. Confuse
3. Abuse
4. Refuse

Be careful..the guy first uses you as something to kill time with, 'bring some action in his life'. He'll be the sweetest thing to come into your life ever, but when he sees you go crazy over him..he'll start pushing you away. It starts with the 'cold shoulder', and the 'silent treatment'.

That's where you come to 'confuse'. This is when he turns into a complete stranger; you never knew this side existed. This is when you wonder what's going on..and suddenly he comes back again. Normal. The sweet person he was - back and forth..

Then comes a point where he's either found someone else, or he's FALLEN for someone else. At this stage, he will ABUSE you. Verbally, mentally..he'll want you OUT of his life and he'll tell you that...and gradually, he'll tell you I DON'T WANT YOU <- Refuse..

Once you know this, its easy to tell when to get the hell away from the guy. The BEST thing is though...stay single til a guy has the guts to go claim you the right way..and the 'scariest' way -> facing the girl's dad ;)

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